Relocating and Moving Into a Smaller Space

Sometimes moving provides a unique opportunity to rid ourselves of belongings that we rarely use, forgot we had, or even things we just don’t need anymore. Sometimes, moving simply forces us to downsize because our new home is half the size of our previous home.


Whether you’re moving as an individual or you’re moving as a family, the number of personal belongings can often multiply without notice. If you’ve lived somewhere for a long period of time, this is especially true. Brandon Moving & Storage of Central Arkansas has some tips and tricks for preparing to make the move into a smaller space much easier.

Checking your expectations. Sometimes surprises pop up along the way, like a closet full of stuff you forgot about, or a china set your grandparents passed down to you 10 years ago. Whatever those surprises are, they’re a lot easier to manage if you’re prepared to face them. Before you get started, try to think of three things you’ll appreciate about a smaller space and recall those as you begin your packing.

List your deal-breakers. What are the items you can’t live without? What are the spaces in your new house that you’ll spend the most time and need the most attention? By preparing this list before you get started, you’ll be ready to attack those rooms where you’ll really have to trim. Donating or tossing items that don’t align with your priorities or deal-breakers will be much easier!


“But what if I need this?” Sometimes it’s easier to keep extras and duplicates, especially if you have the space to store them. But in smaller dwellings, that space is valuable. Try to cut back on “just in case” items so that you can stash your must-haves more easily.

Consider family first when donating or giving away. Family members could get upset after learning that you donated a treasured family heirloom without consulting them first. You could offer to pass these items onto them as you prepare to downsize. Set a time so they can come to look around and after they’ve had a chance to browse, you can move to the next step.  

Last but not least: Donate or sell! Yard sales and donation stations are two great ways to get rid of items that you’ve decided to part with. Pros of yard sales are making a few extra bucks to help with other moving costs - you could even join forces with neighbors who are also looking to downsize. Donating items also helps places resell your used items.

Whatever you decide to do, moving and packing can be made much easier by hiring someone to help. Brandon Moving and Storage can help you prepare and move into your new home without the stress and worry of moving yourself. We move all of Arkansas, especially Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Benton, Bryant, Conway, and surrounding areas. Call us today for a FREE quote!