Your Checklist for Storing Things Long-Term

Sometimes our circumstances change and finding a long-term storage option becomes a priority. Whatever your reasons are, there are some important things to consider if you’re thinking about storing your belongings for several months or even longer. With years in the business under our belts, Brandon Moving & Storage of Central Arkansas suggests a few factors to consider as you start planning to move your items into storage.


1.  Temperature. Long-term storage requires a little more planning especially if you’re considering an outdoor storage option. Thought should be given to weather and temperature changes expected while your items are in storage.

2.  Boxes. If you’re planning to use cardboard boxes, it’s better to have them treated to avoid mildew. They also need to be sturdy enough so that you can stack them and they’ll remain intact over time. Depending on what you’re trying to store, clear plastic bins with snap-on lids are a great option to help you stay organized while also providing sturdy options that are easy to carry and arrange.

3.  Other materials. Fragile items risk being broken in transit and moving around, so you should pay careful attention to how you’re padding them. Newspaper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or even soft fabric cloths can help cushion your valuables during packing, moving and unpacking. (Packer’s tip: always remember to pack heavier items at the bottom of a box or container and then place lighter items on top!)


4.  Labeling and organizing. When your boxes are labeled, it’s much easier to keep track of what’s going where. If, for any reason, you have to get back into your storage unit to find something, you’ll be glad you spent time labeling and organizing when the time comes!

5.  Airflow. Airflow is important in long-term storage so boxes should be stacked off of walls and some space should be left between piles of belongings. Placing your items on pallets is also a great idea to keep boxes off the floor and allow air flow underneath.

6.  Humidity. In humid places like Arkansas, dampness can wreak havoc on your fragile belongings. Instruments rust, wood decays, and furniture yellows. Appliances can also be prone to mold in storage. Take time to think about what you are packing and whether or not a humidity-controlled storage unit is what you need.

As always, Brandon Moving and Storage is here to help you find the solution that works best for you. Call us today and ask about our short- and long-term storage options for your upcoming needs!