How to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

Let’s face it: moving is tough. It’s even tougher when you’ve got extra family members that need special attention while you’re trying to organize rooms, pack boxes and plan the moving schedule. However, kids have a way of making mundane activities fun if you get them in the right mindset! Brandon Moving & Storage of Greater Central Arkansas has some ways that you can make the whole moving process a family affair - and one to fondly remember.

  1. Assign a box decorator for each room! Kids that are old enough can have fun and pass the time by coloring or decorating boxes with stickers to show where they belong at their new destination. You could even have a coloring contest! Set a theme and suggest that everyone draw clues about what’s in the box. The person that guesses the most correctly, gets a treat.

  2. For those smaller kiddos, you could tell them that you’ve hidden treasures throughout the house - and by packing up items, they’re more likely to find those treasures. Those little surprises could also be small tasks that are fun to give them a break from “chores”!

  3. Once you’re on the road, think of some fun road games that everyone can play in the car. If it’s a long trip, you can make the drive memorable by jotting down something that everyone sees that starts with each letter in the alphabet. Maybe it could later turn into a decoration for the new home!

  4. Road trip music is a must - whether your new home is three hours away or 13, it’s always fun to have music ready for the whole family to enjoy.

  5. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and the movers have left, it could be fun to take a break from unpacking the first night in your new home. Order a pizza and pitch a tent in your new living room to have an indoor camping experience. The kids would love it!

  6. Depending on their age, your kids can have fun getting their new rooms unpacked and arranged to their liking. Suggesting they find a good “home” for toys and a spot for their bed could provide an extra nudge for helping keep their new room in order.

News of moving can often surprise children and leave them feeling confused and frustrated. Adding a fun element when you move can help soothe their worry about a new home in a strange place and look forward to what’s to come! Once you arrive at your new location, take some time as a family and scout new places to make new memories so that the whole family can settle in and enjoy their new home.

Whatever you decide to do, moving and packing can be made much easier by hiring someone to help. Brandon Moving and Storage can help you prepare and move into your new home without the stress and worry of moving yourself. We move all of Arkansas, including Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Benton, Bryant, Conway, and all surrounding areas. We'll move you anywhere you need to go:  in-state, out of state, or internationally! Call us today for a FREE quote!