Planning the Best Time to Move

There are many things to consider before moving. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the timing of the move can be just as important as choosing a moving company, planning the logistics, and organizing and packing up your belongings. If you are moving soon, whether you’re going to be renting an apartment or closing on a new house, you can save yourself some time, money, and heartache by choosing the right time to move. Based on our experience at Brandon Moving & Storage of Central Arkansas, here are some things to consider when planning the best time to move


Generally, summer is the busiest time to move, because most schools are on break and the weather is usually clearer. There are also students moving back from college after graduation or preparing to move to begin college. Home sales are also generally at their highest in the summer. For these reasons, moving costs can be higher this time of year, and it can be more difficult to find help moving. However, summer is a good time to sell your home because the market is busier.


If you are renting an apartment or house, there may be more options available in many areas during the spring and summer, as students and other tenants move out. However, moving in the fall or winter can save you money because there is less turnover for rental properties than in the summer. There may be less available, but you will likely find some good deals on vacant units. Not to mention the possibility of cooler, pleasant fall weather…

All in all, choosing an “off” time of the year for your move will allow more scheduling flexibility and lower moving costs because the market is less busy.

Choosing an “off” time of the week and month can also make your move easier. Just as a lot of moving happens in the summer, many people end up doing their move over the weekend. This makes sense because many people can’t take off work in the middle of the week. If you are able to plan ahead and take off a few weekdays to move, you will benefit from greater flexibility with scheduling movers and lighter road traffic on moving day.

For renters, leases usually start at the beginning of the month, which will be a busier time.  


Whichever day you chose to move, getting up early to start the process is recommended. The earlier you get started on moving day, the less pressed for time you will feel as the day goes by. No matter how many days it takes to move, get the most out of each day by starting things early so you can rest in the evening and recharge for the next day.

Ultimately, do whatever works best with your schedule and budget! When you’re ready to move, remember Brandon Moving & Storage has been providing high-quality local service that fits your move, your schedule, and your budget since 1965 in Central Arkansas!