The City of Maumelle is another excellent place to live in the Little Rock area. Located on the West side of North Little Rock and extending west to Interstate 430, this family-oriented city offers comfortable suburban living at very reasonable prices. Maumelle includes everything its residents need—from a vast array of restaurants and stores to excellent golf courses—all just a stone’s throw away from the attractions of Little Rock and North Little Rock. Perhaps the best aspect of Maumelle is its combination of comfortable suburban living options and beautiful natural attractions.

Maumelle is a largely residential area marked by its peaceful suburban neighborhoods. This area was developed beginning in the 1980s and has expanded significantly in the years since. Family-sized homes are abundant and affordable, and many new and beautiful apartment complexes and condominiums have developed in the city, such as the Fountaine-Bleau Apartments just northeast of Maumelle Boulevard. The subdivisions surrounding Lake Willastein and the Maumelle Country Club, as well as those surrounding Odom Boulevard are excellent places to find a suitable family home or luxury apartment.

Aside from its many living options, Maumelle also provides a great environment for the outdoor enthusiast. Maumelle Campground sits along the beautiful Arkansas River, offering boating, fishing and birding. The campground offers 128 spacious campsites with electric hookups, along with eight large group picnic shelters. Amenities include a dock, hot showers, a boat ramp and playground. Further, Pinnacle Mountain State Park is just two miles from the campground. The 13 mountain trails at Pinnacle range from easy to strenuous, and each one promises captivating scenery. Maumelle has two recreational lakes, Lake Willastein and Lake Valencia, both surrounded by park land, bicycle trails, and wooden bridges. Picnicking and fishing are available at both lakes. Maumelle also has one of the most extensive municipal bicycle trail systems in Arkansas (13 miles) that offers access to wooded greenbelts.

For the golfer, the Maumelle Country Club offers an 18-hole championship golf course featuring beautiful terrain and natural surroundings. Maumelle Country Club offers the perfect mix of leisure and competitive golf. The Club holds monthly tournaments through the Men's and Women's Golf Associations, as well as numerous couple's and Pro Shop sponsored events throughout the year.

Maumelle is also the home of Brandon Moving & Storage! Over the years, we've come to appreciate the convenience and beauty of Maumelle. It's a wonderful place to call home!

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Watch Your Back!

In the process of moving, it is tempting for people to take on the lifting of heavy items themselves while neglecting the possible risk of back injury. This oversight can have painful, and sometimes permanent, consequences. Lifting heavy items improperly can cause damage in the muscles, joints, and spinal discs of the back. 

When lifting, be aware of your movements and know your limits

When lifting, be aware of your movements and know your limits

You can decrease the chance of back injury by using proper form when lifting. Take a look at these easy preventative steps to take to save your back:

Posture! The first and most important step should be to ensure that the back is kept straight. A common mistake that leads to injury is allowing the back to curve during lifting, which puts harmful strain on the muscles in the lower back. You can keep your back straight by keeping the chest pushed forward. Do this while bending at the hips and knees. This form will allow the back to remain in a straight orientation and will prevent curvature while lifting weight. Furthermore, using this form will allow the muscles of the legs and hips to do the work, saving your lower back from harmful strain.

Don’t do the twist! Lead with the hips while lifting to avoid any harmful twisting motion. It may be tempting to lead with the shoulders, which runs the risk of twisting out of a straight posture and putting strain on the wrong muscles. Such a motion combined with heavy weight can cause damage to the joints in the back, as well as to the pelvis. The shoulders should be kept aligned with the hips—nice and straight ahead.

Watch your center of gravity! The center of gravity is the point at which the entire weight of a body may be considered as concentrated so that if supported at this point the body would remain in equilibrium in any position. Be sure to keep the weight close to the body during the entire process of lifting. This may be a rather obvious point, but holding weight further away from the body (and thereby away from the center of gravity) will make lifting much more difficult and can put unnecessary and harmful strain on the lower back. Keeping the weight centered and close to the body ensures the most efficient lifting, requiring the least possible amount of effort to lift.


Next time you are moving something—whether it’s a refrigerator, a piano, a big chunk of lead, heavy boxes for that friend who asked you last-minute to help him move, or even barbells at the gym—don’t forget to watch your back and keep these three tips in mind to avoid injury.


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