The Economic Growth of Little Rock & Central Arkansas

The Little Rock area is the central hub of Arkansas’ economy. Central Arkansas has enjoyed significant economic and population growth in recent history, and the Little Rock area continues to grow, gaining more and more impressive national ratings in economy, commerce, and industry. Little Rock has recently made Kiplinger’s “10 Great Places to Live,” Gallup’s “America’s Happiest Cities,” Moody’s “Most Diverse Economy in the Nation,” Forbes “Top 200 Best Places for Business and Careers, as well as Kiplinger’s “Best Value City” feature.

According the City’s website, Little Rock and the Central Arkansas area have seen over $2.5 billion in economic development since 1994. This growth has been both characterized and facilitated by an increasingly active private sector and a highly dedicated Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Strong economic growth in Central Arkansas has also driven new commercial and residential real estate development trends. In 2015, Little Rock saw significant commercial real estate development, exemplified by new retail and industrial areas.

Even more significant commercial growth has appeared in the past few years. Shoppers from all over the state now come to Little Rock to visit the Outlets at Little Rock, the Bass Pro Shop, stores and restaurants at Shackleford Crossing, and the new Dave and Buster’s sports bar and arcade.

Central Arkansas is a great place to start a business—the state offers tax incentives for industrial and economic development. Advantage Arkansas Income Tax Credit, ArkPlus, Create Rebate, Free Port Law of Arkansas, InvestArk Sales and Use Tax Credit, Targeted Business and Tax Back Sales & Use Tax Refund are just some of the programs in place to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to get off the ground or establish their business in Arkansas while enjoying low taxes.

The Hewlett Packard presence in Conway

The Hewlett Packard presence in Conway

Major industry has also been increasingly active in Central Arkansas. Aviation, for instance, has been and continues to be a dynamic industry in the Little Rock area. Little Rock is home to the facilities of companies such as Dassault Falcon Jet, Raytheon, and Central Flying Service that contribute greatly to the economy and provide tons of jobs. Biotechnology is also an emerging industry in Central Arkansas.

Aside from the growing commercial and industrial sectors, real estate development in Central Arkansas has been impressive. The area has seen “years of steady appreciation in commercial real estate values,” and this appreciation is expected to continue as more and more real estate is demanded for business and industrial growth. 

All in all, this increased activity has boosted the Central Arkansas economy. The increased business activity in the local economy has led to greater cash flow, the creation of countless new jobs, and new residential real estate transactions and development. If you are deciding where to move or start your business, choose Central Arkansas and become part of the increasingly strong economy!

Watch Your Back!

In the process of moving, it is tempting for people to take on the lifting of heavy items themselves while neglecting the possible risk of back injury. This oversight can have painful, and sometimes permanent, consequences. Lifting heavy items improperly can cause damage in the muscles, joints, and spinal discs of the back. 

When lifting, be aware of your movements and know your limits

When lifting, be aware of your movements and know your limits

You can decrease the chance of back injury by using proper form when lifting. Take a look at these easy preventative steps to take to save your back:

Posture! The first and most important step should be to ensure that the back is kept straight. A common mistake that leads to injury is allowing the back to curve during lifting, which puts harmful strain on the muscles in the lower back. You can keep your back straight by keeping the chest pushed forward. Do this while bending at the hips and knees. This form will allow the back to remain in a straight orientation and will prevent curvature while lifting weight. Furthermore, using this form will allow the muscles of the legs and hips to do the work, saving your lower back from harmful strain.

Don’t do the twist! Lead with the hips while lifting to avoid any harmful twisting motion. It may be tempting to lead with the shoulders, which runs the risk of twisting out of a straight posture and putting strain on the wrong muscles. Such a motion combined with heavy weight can cause damage to the joints in the back, as well as to the pelvis. The shoulders should be kept aligned with the hips—nice and straight ahead.

Watch your center of gravity! The center of gravity is the point at which the entire weight of a body may be considered as concentrated so that if supported at this point the body would remain in equilibrium in any position. Be sure to keep the weight close to the body during the entire process of lifting. This may be a rather obvious point, but holding weight further away from the body (and thereby away from the center of gravity) will make lifting much more difficult and can put unnecessary and harmful strain on the lower back. Keeping the weight centered and close to the body ensures the most efficient lifting, requiring the least possible amount of effort to lift.


Next time you are moving something—whether it’s a refrigerator, a piano, a big chunk of lead, heavy boxes for that friend who asked you last-minute to help him move, or even barbells at the gym—don’t forget to watch your back and keep these three tips in mind to avoid injury.


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