As you’re preparing for your move, you’ve probably created some type of to-do list or list of priorities when packing. On that list, you’ve probably included electronics! Often, these items are saved until the very end (maybe you want to make sure you’ve got something to entertain you during the long hours of preparation!) and we don’t blame you. Did you know there are a few things to consider when you begin packing your electronics? Let’s start with a shopping list: 

  1. Thick-walled boxes for extra protection
  2. Bubble-wrap or think blankets
  3. Strong packing tape to secure the boxes 
  4. Permanent markers and scotch tape for labeling
  5. Twist ties for chords 
  6. Ziploc bags

With these five items, you’re ready to get started. 


Step 1: Unplug
While you’re probably thinking “duh,” some electronics are a little more complicated. Make sure that as you’re unplugging things, you’ve either got the instructions handy for reassembling or you’ve snapped a photo and taken some notes for when you get to your new place. This can save time and prevent frustration in the future!

Step 2: Bundle
While you may think you’ll remember which chords go to which device, it’s best to keep everything together so that when you’re ready to start watching tv or listening to music in your new place, you’ve got all of the pieces in one place ready to go. You can use twist-ties, markers and tape to label those chords to remind you where they belong. 

Step 3: Protect
While some electronics seem sturdy, it’s always important to wrap them to lessen any kind of impact they may encounter during travel. TVs and computer screens are especially important and usually should be packed by themselves and placed somewhere safe. 

By considering these three steps and packing your electronics with care, you’ll arrive at your new address feeling confident that you’ll be able to have them reconnected in no time! Ready to set up your move? Contact the professionals at Brandon Moving & Storage!