The Hardest "Items" to Move

While there are ample directions for kitchenware and books, what about preparing to move more complicated belongings? We’ve got some tips to consider for items that leave you with a question mark:


Pianos (and other huge instruments). These items, not only bulky and oddly-shaped, are usually pretty heavy and have a lot of complicated parts. Some pianos have even been known to require a crane and a window… talk about fun! Moving that piano will most likely cost extra, so make sure you’ve got a plan and you’re committed to keeping it!


The “junk” drawer - How often do you use your junk drawer? Probably pretty often, especially when you’re trying to clean the kitchen/office in a hurry. But there’s no category for that drawer...Kitchen? Office? Trash? Consider cleaning this out early and putting those random items where they actually belong, or if push comes to shove, make sure you carefully label those boxes so you know what you’re unpacking when you arrive at the new house.  


Your house. We know, you love your house and you wish you could take it with you. And wouldn’t it be so nice to just leave everything where it is rather than packing it up in boxes and unpacking them in your new place? But just think - moving creates a great opportunity to declutter and get organized.


Your kids. Let’s face it, kids come with a few interesting twists when you’re thinking about moving. They’ve got friends, they’ve got schools they love and if you’re making the move to a new city, they’re probably not very happy with the idea of leaving those things behind. The more exciting you can make their move, the better the trip will be! Consider packing a “surprise” bag of their favorite items or some creative keepsakes that will remind them of their new home. Pull one out every hour of the trip - it’ll make the time pass quickly, too!

We know there are many more items that require special attention when moving and we’re here to help with those larger appliances, aquariums and special artwork you’re excited about hanging. When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Give Brandon Moving & Storage a call and we can talk about the belongings that require extra help!