The Story of a Truly Satisfied Customer

We always strive for customer satisfaction. As cliche as it may sound, we want nothing more than for our customers to be happy, especially when they've gone through an exhausting move. For us, the best compliment is one of our customers telling everyone about the great experience they had with us! Here's one of our amazing customers talking about working with us during their recent move...

It reads:

"I just want to take the moment to brag on Kyle Pryor and his moving team for a moment.
Many of you know I spent some time living in Dallas, Texas for a while and didn't expect to pick up and start travel nursing across the country, but one thing lead to another and I did. It was when my Dallas apartment lease was up and I was living in Denver, Colorado I found myself looking for a company willing to package, load, ship and unload my fully furnished one bedroom apartment. His name popped up and one thing lead to another and his team was the one to do it.
While it wasn't cheap, but extremely competitive pricing for what I was asking them to do, I could not be happier! As I've been going through boxes I haven't seen in almost a year and half, I'm amazed at the great and detailed job they did. I mean, they even carefully package my sugar 😂
No, but really.. If you're looking for a moving company or know someone who is, PLEASE know I HIGHLY recommend him and will most definitely use them again if needed!! Thanks Kyle!"
-Lauren Gattis