Four Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Mover

Moving is a big deal. Because you have to pack up all of your valuable belongings and transport them, it’s usually a stressful undertaking. According to the US Census Bureau data, between 20 and 60 million households, or families, move each year.* Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it’s best to hire a professional moving company to carry out your move, to ensure that your property is delivered safely to your new home or business location. Hiring a professional moving company you trust will give you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are in the hands of trained professionals. 

Here are four reasons to hire a professional mover, like Brandon Moving & Storage:

1.  Planning and Estimates. Professional moving companies like Brandon Moving & Storage offer surveys and estimates at your home for planning your move. If you want a stress-free move, it is crucial to plan ahead—that includes planning your budget. By conducting an estimate, the moving company will provide you with a quote of the price for the move, so you may know exactly how much it will cost. The movers can also plan the logistics of the move and answer any questions you have!

2.  Training and Expertise. Calling and scheduling with a trusted and reputable moving company like Brandon Moving will give you the benefit of having trained moving experts that know how to pack boxes correctly, move everything efficiently, and prevent any damage. A trained and experienced moving crew will move your household quickly, safely, and professionally, so you don’t have to worry about it.

3.  Electronic Resources. Many moving companies now use electronic routing and tracking systems to make sure every item is inventoried and delivered safely. This is just another way hiring a professional moving company is the safer and better option!

4.  Quality and Care. Rather than trying to take on the move by yourself, go with a trusted company that will take all of the stress out of your move. Most importantly, it is best to hire a publicly accredited company you can trust. Professional moving companies take pride in their national and local accolades and work every day to maintain and grow the quality of their services. 

Brandon Moving & Storage Co. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has earned a reputation for the highest quality in business and commercial moving since its formation in 1965. At Brandon, we will complete your move with the utmost professionalism, quality, and care. All the more reason to hire a professional moving company!

*Geographical Mobility: 2013 to 2014. United States Census Bureau, .