It’s important to take measures to protect your belongings from damage. When moving to a new home, many people are unaware of the options that are available to protect their valuable items.

    First, you must know what your belongings are worth. Valuation is the process by which the customer makes a declaration of value of the possessions before the items are loaded for moving. Begin by making a list of all of your possessions and their approximate value. Primarily, this list should include the most expensive and valuable items. Don’t worry about smaller, less valuable items until you have valued your more expensive possessions. TVs and other electronics, appliances, and furniture are the most important to value, and this estimate can be easily calculated. You may be surprised how much everything adds up to! If you have valuable hobby items or collectibles—golf clubs, musical instruments, firearms, etc.—be sure to include a valuation of these in the overall estimate.

There are two levels of basic liability any moving company has to offer: "‘full value’ and ‘released value,’ or ‘basic liability.’  These are known as "valuation" coverage.”  This coverage is not insurance.  With full value protection, the moving company is responsible for the entire value of your possessions during the moving process.  “Full value protection” costs more, and the moving company is required to repair, replace, or make a cash settlement for any items that become damaged.  

With "full value coverage," charges are based on a declared value and a deductible amount chosen. Your belongings would be replaced at the value declared minus the chosen deductible if the item cannot be repaired. For instance, a flat screen TV valued at $1,000 is compensated at $1,000 minus any deductible, if the item cannot be repaired.  

Released value coverage,” more commonly referred to as “basic liability,” comes with protection that is provided at no charge, but the protection for any damaged items is minimal. “Released value coverage” is based on item weight, not item value.  Your shipment would be reimbursed at a value of 60 cents per pound, per item. A flat screen TV valued at $1,000 that weighs 56 pounds would be compensated at $33.60 (56 lbs. x 0.60).


When moving, it is important to remember to protect your possessions from any potential damage that may happen.  Always ask the moving company about the types of coverage they offer for customers.