Easy Tips for Making Your New Home Environmentally Friendly

When you move to a new home, getting a fresh start is important. One way to start is committing to making your new home environmentally friendly. The moving process may involve a lot of work and stress, but keeping your new home environmentally efficient doesn’t have to. For example, environmentally friendly upgrades can be as easy as installing a new door or water filtration system. Here are a few tips for making some simple upgrades your new home and keeping it green.

A smart thermostat is an easy upgrade that will reduce environmental waste and also save you money. Programmable thermostats allow you to have more control over the climate in your home and when the air conditioning runs. Newer smart thermostats even “learn” your schedule, reducing energy waste by keeping the system off when it’s not necessary and adjusting to fluctuations in temperature. It’s a win-win: reduces waste to the environment and your energy bill!


Replacing doors that allow air to leak from inside your home is another simple green upgrade that can be made. Many homes waste energy because of air escaping under—and through—front doors. Hollow wooden doors, for instance, are much less efficient than insulated steel doors. Installing a thicker door with foam insulation will increase efficiency by keeping out wind and chill and moderating the temperature in your home. With a properly insulated and sealed door, you’ll waste less energy, save money, and stay more comfortable. Also, who wouldn’t want an attractive new entryway on their new home?

Using a water filtration system is another easy green improvement that can save you money. Americans use millions plastic bottles per year, most of which end up in landfills. People are more inclined to use plastic bottled water when they don’t like the quality or taste of tap water. Luckily, Central Arkansas’ water is some of the best in America, but if you’re looking for purity, try installing a basic water filter on your sink to avoid spending money plastic water bottles that end up as waste.  

Speaking of recyclable items, setting up a recycling system is another simple way to go green. Even if your neighborhood has recycling pick-up, as many do, you can begin the recycling process by sorting recyclables in your home. Try keeping separate bins for plastic, paper, and glass in your home so that you can stay on top of the pile-up. The bins can be small or large—either way they will help your kitchen stay neat and organized, reduce clutter, and most importantly, keep you in the habit of recycling!

Housewarming Gift Ideas & Tips!

Housewarming parties are a time for friends and family to get together to create new memories and bring cheer to a new place. When you’re welcomed into someone’s home, a housewarming gift is a customary way to say “thank you” to the host or hostess. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you should never show up empty-handed!

Here are Brandon Moving's housewarming gift ideas and tips:

-At casual get-togethers, a small gift is always appropriate. Flowers in vases (or even mason jars) and specialty food items are always appreciated.

-Even though it can seem difficult to buy food items for people, nice olive oils, candy, fruit preserves, and spice grinders or salt cellars are great ideas. 

-Wine cork candles, dish or guest towels, picture frames, or small serving dishes are simple gifts that would be lasting for a home.

-If the host or hostess is a close friend, choose a gift that is a reflection of your friendship or a gift that reflects his or her personal style. A small piece of art, alma mater memorabilia, books or magazines, or a small antique are possible gift ideas. If you’re buying for a couple, take their personal hobbies and interests into consideration. For example, if they enjoy camping or the outdoors, gifts like lanterns or grilling and campfire cooking utensils would make great gifts. 

-Some people are just difficult to buy for. For those friends, you may want to give a Bed Bath & Beyond gift certificate. Moving brings the chance for a fresh start, and your friends will appreciate you for helping them replace their old bathroom accessories. 

-Netflix, Home Depot, and Amazon are also great and practical gift card ideas for new homeowners. 

-Footing the bill for the first two or three months of a lawn care service would be a great gift for a couple as they adjust to their new home.

-If the housewarming party is for neighbors who are new to the area, a gift that introduces them to the community is best. Consider putting together a welcome kit that contains information about the area – a small item from a local boutique, menus from the best restaurants in the area, or information about community events. 

-It is important, however, that your gift isn’t too “over the top.” Keeping it simple is always the best route (even if you are just gifting a gift card!)

-When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine!


Warning: Don't obsess on the perfect gift. Your friends will appreciate the gesture no matter what.

Affordable Ways to Furnish Your First Home

Moving into your first home is a time of great excitement and adventure, but the stress of furnishing and decorating it on a budget can dampen your spirits. A few simple steps can help save you money and relieve some of that stress.

First, don’t be afraid to ask your family or neighbors if they have any extra furniture from home they are willing to give or sell to you. They may have the basic necessities that will get you started, and while it won’t help you get that brand new wide-screen television, it may help you avoid spending a lot of money on brand new pieces.  

Second, check out websites like Craigslist and Freecycle, or online garage sales. These are great places to find items in your area, and people are usually willing to negotiate prices.  The items may not be brand new, but look for items that are in good shape and will fit in with your decorating style. Most sellers will expect you to go to their home or to meet at a central location to pick up an item, so if you know you’ll need help moving it. Remember to always be safe when linking up with anybody via the internet. Always bring a friend with you.

Another great way to find furniture and decorations is by scoping out yard sales and estate sales. When you’re driving around your neighborhood, make it a habit to keep an eye out for yard sale signs, and remember that most people willing be willing to haggle in order to get an item sold.

You shouldn’t feel rushed to have your entire home decorated the week you move in, so take some time and shop around for sales. Make a list of items you need most, and compare prices at different décor and furniture stores. If you know a particular item will go on sale, resisting the pressure to buy it right away can save you money. Don’t forget to look online – online deals are often much better than in the stores. If you do end up purchasing something online, check shipping costs to make sure you are getting lowest price. Most retailers will offer free shipping if you have the item shipped to the store for pickup.

While you’ll be able to move small items yourself, you may need to contact a professional moving company for help. Movers transport your furniture and appliances in one trip, and they make sure to take care to not damage your belongings. Brandon Moving is always here to help!