Clutter Removal Tips

Once you decide to start decluttering, taking it one room at a time makes tasks more manageable.  Choose one room to begin cleaning out and organizing – don’t start multiple projects at once.  You will likely be much more productive if you choose one task to tackle and complete before moving on to the next.  The most common places with a lot of clutter are closets, pantries, garages, and kitchen drawers.

The first step in decluttering your closet is to sort through your clothes.  Get rid of, or donate, any clothes that you have not worn within the past year, any clothes that make you uncomfortable, or any clothes that do not fit.  Next, do the same with your shoes.  Get rid of any that are too worn out or are not comfortable to wear.  All of those clothing items you no longer need can be donated at a local second-hand store.

In the kitchen, begin by getting rid of food you think you will never likely use. Non-perishable food items can be donated to a local food bank or homeless shelter.  Clear out unnecessary items in kitchen drawers, and reorganize frequently used utensils and cookware.  Many people have junk drawers in the kitchen – this is also a good place to clear out clutter and reorganize commonly used items.

In the garage, extra space can be used to store organized items to reduce clutter. You can start by sorting items—beginning with items that can be thrown away, items that can be donated, and items to be kept and organized. If you have room, organize the items you must keep into boxes or onto shelves, making more convenient to access particular items such as tools when needed. As you begin to sort through your garage, as with other rooms and closets in your house, you may find that you have accumulated things that you have forgotten about and no longer need. Throwing away or donating such items will help maximize the space in your home and will certainly make moving easier.

Keeping your home decluttered will help if you are preparing to move. Many people find that the smaller items in their homes take the most time to gather and pack than larger items.  You can save time by keeping smaller items in organized spaces and getting rid of excess. This will also make it easier to avoid accumulating unnecessary items that cause clutter.