Finding the perfect home & where to start


Finding the perfect home is very important. How do you know where to start? It’s important to have a plan in place when you’re searching for your dream home. Here are a few important things to begin with:

Know your budget limitations

First, your budget will determine the scope of your search for the perfect home. It’s important to be able to choose a home that is right for you without putting yourself in a situation where you can’t afford it. You should consider your annual income and how much debt you have to determine what monthly mortgage payment you will be able to afford. You can learn more about homeownership, lending, and housing counseling services at the U.S. Housing and Urban Development website, before applying for a mortgage loan from a bank.

Get a real estate agent

It’s worth it to find a real estate agent before beginning your home search. In addition to the knowledge that Realtors possess about the housing market, your real estate agent will provide you protection from potential scams, or from paying too much for a new home. While it is possible to go about finding a good deal on your own, it’s smarter to work with a licensed real estate agent who will guide you away from risky offers and get you the best price on an ideal home. 


Know what size home you need

Before going to look at houses, decide what size fits your needs. If you have a family of four or more, for instance, you will likely rule out listings for any home under 2000 square feet. Single residents and younger couples, however, are often perfectly comfortable with apartments or homes not exceeding 900 square feet. Location may also be a factor for you: some are willing to sacrifice space to live in more populated downtown areas, while others enjoy the added space of suburban areas at a generally lower home cost. 

Know what style of home you like

There are many different styles of homes on the market to choose from. While the size of the home you choose depends largely on your needs, the style you choose should be rooted in your artistic taste! Yet, you still want to balance form with function. If you like to cook, don’t choose a home that has a tiny kitchen. If you have a prized car, you might want to pick a home that has a garage. Decide whether you like modern or traditional and whether you fancy a one-story or multiple-story design. There are many distinct residential styles such as contemporary, bungalow, art deco, colonial, ranch, neoclassical, gothic revival, prairie, and international, just to name a few. Go with what style catches your eye inside and out!