The Basics: Housewarming Parties

    Moving into a new home is an exciting thing—why not share the excitement by throwing a party?! Whether you’re moving in-town or cross-country, this article will give you some tips on throwing the ultimate housewarming party to celebrate your new home.

    The first step is preparation. Cleanliness and organization are key. Moving in is often hectic, but it is also the perfect opportunity to smartly organize and make it easy to keep the home tidy. Organize and put away your unpacked boxes to keep your rooms clutter-free when friends arrive. Don’t forget to have toiletries in the restrooms for your guests!

    Food (and drink) is the next most important aspect to the ultimate housewarming party. If weather permits, a backyard barbeque always a fun and social option. If you have a small fire pit (even an inexpensive portable one), you could even gather ‘round to heat s’mores or hot dogs. The easiest and most affordable things you can cook outside are burgers, hot dogs, and large cuts of meat (brisket, pork butt, etc).

    Inside, there are endless options to provide buffet-style appetizers—from cheese and crackers to cocktail weenies to sliders—that guests will definitely remember as a highlight to the party. Dips, casseroles, and pizzas are some easy ways to feed a large group. Your guests will probably offer to contribute in some way. Allowing them to help will not only lighten your load; it'll give you a chance to make your guests feel appreciated.

    A cooler full of ice cold beverages is a necessity. What you fill your cooler with will depend on your audience, but having bottled water, popular sodas, and sugar-free drinks will guarantee that you've covered all your bases. Never be afraid to ask your guests to bring the beverages they prefer.

    Who to invite? Friends and family that like fun, food, and drinks! If you have moved to a new city, this part can be a little intimidating. However, there may not be a better opportunity to meet your neighbors. Break the ice by inviting your co-workers, neighbors, or other new acquaintances for a Friday evening housewarming party—who doesn’t like new houses and free food?

    Aside from tidiness and food availability, there are a few more small things you can do to make your housewarming party hip. For one, have a playlist of your favorite music or easy-listening music going as a background (but not too loud). Have board games out, especially if there are kids, and outdoor games like badminton or horseshoes if the weather is nice. It’s also a great idea to keep out an address book to exchange information.

    With these tips in mind, you’ll be on the way to settling into your new home the right way by hosting an awesome housewarming party!