Moving with Children? How to Make it a Great Experience...

When the time to move to a new home draws near, chances are your kids may not be looking forward to moving day. Like in the movies, some kids may be experiencing a range of emotions, from anger, to sadness, to excitement, as their parents drive them away from their old house past the “SOLD” sticker pasted over the For Sale sign. However, moving with kids does not have to be this dramatic. This article will discuss some easy steps to get your kids on board for a worry-free and fun move!

Before moving day, plan on gathering the family for a “move meeting” to calmly go over the details and schedule of the move. If your kids feel more involved in the decision making, they are less likely to feel like it’s something they have to do. Try making a moving-day plan with lists to check off as steps are completed, with the kids completing tasks along the way. Keeping the kids focused on those tasks may just help the time go by faster!

Next, allow the kids to begin planning their new spaces. Taking them to the new home and letting them brainstorm about how to arrange their new rooms will turn a potentially drama-filled experience into an exciting adventure. It’s likely your kids will also enjoy taking part in deciding how to arrange furniture, what colors to choose for the walls, and how to decorate the living areas.

Writing a letter to the new owners of your old home can also be a fun and novel activity. Gather the family to sit and write about things each person loved about the house, or why the house is special. Maybe include some favorite stories of pets or funny things that happened there. Bringing together the family for an activity like this will help the kids keep a positive attitude about the move and will result in some lasting memories.

On moving day, utilize the extra help your kids can provide by assigning tasks to each child. You can even make it a game with rewards for finishing packing or cleaning! Also have each kid compile a “moving-day box,” which should contain their essentials and favorite small items. The kids will likely feel more comfortable keeping these more valuable items separate from the chaos of the rest of the moving boxes. Ease of access = ease of mind!

After the hectic throws of moving day are over, it’s time to go exploring the new environment! After the essentials are unpacked, get the kids outside to walk around and breathe in some fresh air. They’ll start taking in their new surroundings, and maybe even meet some other kids in the neighborhood.

The most important tip for moving day is to have a positive attitude. Your mood affects your kids’ moods more than you may realize, and it’s important to project a sense of positivity and confidence when tackling an obstacle like moving to a new home. Stay positive and energetic, and your kids will too!