How to Create an Inviting Home for Holiday Guests


Want to create an inviting home for holiday guests? Brandon Moving & Storage of Central Arkansas understands if you’re hosting family or friends during the holidays, you want to make sure your home feels warm and welcome, especially if you are still moving into it your new space (or getting ready to move-out). From our experience of helping people relocate and move into their homes, here are some tips we recommend to help you and your guests settle in over the holidays:


1. Feeling Welcome on Arrival.
How does everything look when someone pulls up? Are all of your outdoor lights working? Any paint touch-ups you’ve been putting off? Little basic touches make your home not only look better but will make you feel more organized. Even a little landscaping, like trimming the bushes will really help.

Inside, allow plenty of space for guests to come in and hang coats. If you usually have baskets with sports gear or magazines in the entryway, find a new spot for them or store the materials until guests leave.


2. Feeling Right at Home.
All that storage in the guest bedroom? Time to empty it out so your visiting family and friends have somewhere to put their luggage and things. Tidy up bedroom furniture and remove excess decor so your visitors have space to place their laptops, keys, and other small items. But, if you’re running out of time, focus on clearing the area and put everything in boxes that doesn’t belong. And remember to give the guest bathroom a little T.L.C., too, and restock toiletries and fix up any loose knobs or towel bars. BONUS: Leave an extra blanket and the Wi-Fi password out for them (they’ll definitely appreciate it).


3. Feeling Ready to Eat.
When company is not around, we know what our kitchen and daily dining areas usually look like. Since holiday guest tend hangout around the food, you’ll want to clear and clean the area as much as possible. Put away extra food items, your office papers, and clear off the counter or kitchen island of all the magazines and mail. And, of course, give everything a good wipe-down.

Feeling ready for the holidays? Take one last walk through the rest of your home and evaluate any remaining clutter or odds-and-ends. If you think you have it covered, take a seat and get ready to enjoy the holidays. Moving after the holidays? We’ll be happy to help you move in to your new home for the new year! Questions about storage? We have storage solutions to fit your needs! Whatever your moving and storage needs, Brandon Moving & Storage is here to help—contact us today!