Why Use Brandon Moving & Storage for Your Office Move

Whether you’re moving your family to a new home or moving your business to a new office, you need to hire a moving company you can trust. For moving your business, there is no better choice than Brandon!


Moving is part of doing business. No matter the size of your company, Brandon Moving and Storage is the best choice for your commercial move. This is because we care! We understand that moving can be daunting, and we know how important your time and money is. This is what separates us from other companies that offer commercial moving services. We establish a close relationship with each client so that we can schedule the move to have the minimum amount of interference with your time and business.

Brandon is a proud member of the Office Moving Alliance, or “OMA,” “a partnership of successful Business Mobility service providers that spans the globe.” As a member of the Alliance, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to commercial moving, storage, and office furniture installation.


We approach each move with a strategy. When we begin a commercial move, we have already developed a logistical plan that is tailored specifically to that business and its needs. Brandon Moving will assign a Designated Move Manager to your business so that your business will receive the close care and attention it needs when relocating, without taking too much time. We also offer a free site evaluation and furniture disassembly and reassembly!

Whether your business is moving down the hall to a bigger office, or to a new town, Brandon’s experienced moving professionals will ensure that the move occurs in a streamlined manner with minimum interference. Being a member of the OMA, we always stay on top of the latest and most efficient moving strategies to employ for commercial moving and transportation. The OMA’s motto is “No Surprises”—that is, its members provide clients with the comfort of knowing that they can hire a stable, reliable moving service subject to quality control and accountability.

This is why using Brandon Moving and Storage, no matter the size of your company is the best choice for your move! Contact us for a FREE quote HERE!