Realtor Spotlight: Jenn Cook

Jenn Cook-charlotte john company.jpg

Moving can be a complicated process and we take pride in making the task easy for our customers. But we're only one part of the moving process... finding a good realtor is just as important. We have decided to highlight our favorite realtors in the area, starting with Jenn Cook. An agent at The Charlotte John Company, she helps clients in Central Arkansas and the Greers Ferry area. We reached out to Jenn Cook and asked her a little bit about herself...

What do you love most about your area?

"The growth that Little Rock has had over the last few years -- it has all the amenities of a big town with the small town feel."

Why is your area a great place to raise a family?

"Arkansas has so much access to beautiful vacation spots -- there's something for everyone."

What is your favorite restaurant in the area?

"Graffiti's and The Pantry."

What is your favorite pastime in the area?

"Weekends at the lake!"

What do you love most about being a realtor?

"Cultivating relationships with people I wouldn't have otherwise met."

What's your biggest professional challenge?

"I want to please everyone."

If you had to pick one, what tip would you give to someone shopping for a new home?

"It is a fun process, but also a hard process. Don't get discouraged -- it's a big commitment. But it's worth it in the end."