How-To: Pack Clothing When You Move

Moving to a new home isn't easy. No matter how you approach it, the task will likely seem daunting because there is so much to take care of. Here are six ways to make your move that much simpler—by organizing and packing your clothes the smart way!

  1. Organize
    As with most tasks planning and organization before you take action goes a long way to save you a headache. First, organize your clothing by separating “nice” clothes from everyday clothes. While you may need to use better care with nicer clothing to ensure it isn’t ruined, casual clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, and socks can fit into smaller spaces. Also, try separating smaller articles from larger ones to streamline your packing strategy.

  2. Roll it up
    Proper use of space is essential to an efficient move. Many people don’t realize that you can save a ton of space in your suitcases or boxes by rolling articles of clothing rather than folding them! As discussed above, some items such as dresses or suit coats must be folded or kept on hangers, but smaller and more casual items can be rolled up tightly to fit more in one suitcase. Additionally, shaped articles such as bras can be stacked upon each other to save space!

  3. Stuff and cover
    Moving Bonus: shoes provide spaces to place more items! Why not stuff as many pairs of socks (or underwear, etc.) as possible in each shoe to save you that much more space? Also, to keep the rest of your clothes clean, try placing the shoes in bags. Plastic grocery bags are great for this.

  4. Inside out
    Did you know that turning shirts inside-out before you pack them can help prevent them from becoming severely wrinkled? This method will also help to protect light-colored clothing from stains or exposure to loose dirt and moisture.

  5. Dryer sheet freshness
    This favorite packing technique is very easy: simply pack a dryer sheet with your clothes! Placing a dryer sheet or two in your clothing-filled suitcase will help the clothes stay fresh and will prevent that musty smell from developing.

  6. Breakables
    Clothing can also be used to protect breakables! Fragile items that are oddly shaped or are particularly susceptible to breaking or scratching can be placed inside socks or wrapped in t-shirts to provide an added layer of cushion for your move.